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We really love our space, and we hope you do too! From our beautiful podcast studio and customisable photography backdrops to our versatile videography sets. Our event space, where we host exciting networking events for our members, to our relaxed meeting room and vanity station to get you camera-ready, Factory44 is your space to create right in the heart of Dublin.
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Your Space To Create
Your Space To Create
Your Space To Create
Your Space To Create
Your Space To Create
'Hello and Welcome to Factory44' is written on the wall.'This is your space to create. Find your voice' is written on the wall.'Hello and Welcome to Factory44' is written on the wall beside the stairs.'Snap a selfie, sure you're only massive' is written on a wall.'Up Her For Thinking' is written on the glass looking into an office.A series of photos on a shelf.
  • Modern Loft Vibes: A beautiful New York loft meets art studio ambiance.
  • Prime Location: Conveniently located beside Pearse Street Dart Station in Dublin.
  • Versatile Space: Perfect for hosting small events.
  • Meeting Room: Relax or brainstorm ideas.
  • Natural & Accent Lighting: Ample natural light and colorful LED accents.
  • Kitchen & Outdoor Area: Access to tea, coffee, and relaxation spaces.
Your Space To Create
A woman sits at a desk on her laptopTwo people set up a camera.A camera is set up to record a couch.A close up of a camera.A man is recorded with a camera.A camera records a woman sitting at a desk.
  • Diverse Videography Options: Talking heads, thought leadership, tutorials, 
YouTube videos, product videography.
  • High-Quality Gear: Cinema-grade cameras, professional microphones, adaptable lighting.
  • Custom Sets: Tailored videography sets to match your video's style.
  • Team Support: Collaborate with our experienced videography team.
  • Vanity Station: Step in front of the camera with confidence.
  • Editing & Creative Direction: Transform your footage into compelling narratives.
Your Space To Create
A warm podcast studio.A warm podcast studio.A camera is set up in the podcast studio.'Ah sure look sure listen' is written on the glass looking into the podcast studio.A woman edits a podcast video.A microphone.
  • Professional Podcast Setup: Customize your set with optional branding.
  • Multi-Camera Setup: Seamless transitions with three camera feeds.
  • On-Site Producer: Ensure a smooth podcast recording.
  • Editing & Social Media Clips: Polished, professional podcasts and brand exposure.
  • Comprehensive Support: Assistance with branding and content strategies.
  • Editing & Creative Direction: Transform your footage into compelling narratives.
Your Space To Create
'Absolutely snapping' is witten on the wall.An area to do makeup and styling.Camera lighting above a couch.A camera and lighting are set up.A camera is set up in a cosy room with a large plant.Two women pose in front of the 'Absolutely snapping' slogan.
  • Creative Photography Options: Headshot, product, editorial, food, 
and fashion photography.
  • Sets & Equipment: Various sets, backdrops, and lighting setups to suit your mood.
  • Vanity Station: Get camera-ready with confidence.
  • Experienced Team: Access to our professional photography team.
  • Editing Service: Enhance your photos to perfection.
  • Creative Direction: Capture your unique story through creative guidance.
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