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James McCann

Founder, ClearStory International
Making Ends Meet
November 28, 2023

The founder journey comes with peaks and valleys, the valleys will challenge you. 

Becoming a successful founder is no walk in the park. Even when it appears that the founder’s story is an instant success, the truth is that all founders have their fair share of hurdles to overcome. James McCann, the Founder and Managing Director of the PR agency ClearStory International, seemed to have had a perfect origin story. However, he reveals that beneath the surface, there were times when he didn’t think his company would end the month in the black. McCann shares his journey with us and provides some tips and tricks on establishing a clear and trustworthy brand.

Found It! is the founder-centric podcast brought to you by Dublin's dynamic creative studio; Factory44. Host, Paige Muller sits down with some of Ireland's most influential founders and unravels the untold truths behind what it takes to build a business, invaluable insights and lessons learned - or repeated!

Why listen? Factory44's tagline is 'Find Your Voice'. This podcast's goal is to give founders and entrepreneurs the platform they need to use their voice to inform, warn and entertain in a lively and vibrant setting right in the heart of Dublin.

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